Kreyolicious Music: 10 Most Empowering Songs By Haitian Women

Welcome to another episode of Kreyolicious Music…Kreyolicious Playlist…in which…in which I do a countdown of Haitian music songs that fit a particular theme! Let’s take a look at 10 Most Empowering Songs In Haitian Creole Sung By Women!

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1. Artist/Band: Ada
Song: Defile
Why It’s Message Is Empowering: This song makes it clear that women of all colors and shapes are deserving of praise and appreciation. Defile…the Creole word for strut…Strut whether you’re taken for a kannannan (dim-wit), whether you’re being told you’re not enough. Don’t stop dreaming, Ada advises, and you’re so ready to put that counsel into practice when that tight melody, drenched in African drums and instruments reaches your ears.

2.Artist/Band: Princess Eud
Song: Hey
Why its Message Is Empowering: Setting boundaries with others, and positioning yourself as a woman deserving respect and good treatment. In the song, the message is clear: a woman should not act in such a way as to let a man that she can be played with emotionally or in other way for that matter.

3. Artist/Band: Emeline Michel
Song: Banm Pase
Why its Message Is Empowering: “Ti piti pa toujou rete pitimi/Little doesn’t always remain little,” she sings at one point. Go forward, or get out of my way, she sings. This song is uplifting? It’s about telling deadweights (in their many forms) to clear the way. If they are hindering your growth or your progress—to the side (or out of the way altogether) they go!

4. Artist/Band: Tifane
Song: Bel Moun
Why It’s Message Is Empowering: This record emphasizes the need for females to acknowledge the beauty of other females. It encourages women to honor one another, and verbalize each other’s strength. Very beautiful track.

5. Artist/Band: Talie
Song: Bel Tifi :
Why It’s Message Is Empowering: Making unfavorable body comparisons is something we all have done. Oh, if only my butt was as huge as hers. If only my thighs weren’t this way. This is where “Bel Tifi”comes in. This song preaches self-love and acceptance, and body appreciation. It’sthe type of song that should be on all of our radars.

6. Artist/Band: Rutshelle
Song: Je Suis :
Why It’s Message Is Empowering: Acknowledging one’s shortcomings and flaws, and yet at the same time knowing one’s strengths and resorting to them when the time calls for it. This song’s about self-affirmation, having steel-like confidence in oneself, and realizing that one must keep it moving regardless of what life brings forth.

7. Artist/Band: Saskya Sky
Song: Pretty Girl Whip :
Why It’s Message Is Empowering: This is a run fun track…about being assertive on the dance floor, and when interacting and dealing with the opposite sex.

8. Artist/Band: Naida Lynn
Song: Ready to Fly :
Why It’s Message Is Empowering: “I’m ready for something bigger than fame and gold,” Naida sings somewhere in the middle of the song. I think there’s nothing better than aspiring for greater things…things that don’t rot, and that never lose their uplifting and up-building aspect.


9.Artist/Band: Riske
Song: Zanmi :
Why It’s Message Is Empowering: It celebrates female friendship and the sisterhood, but at the same time doesn’t gloss over the problems in the sisterhood, such as the two-facedness are also addressed. Moreover, it demonstrates the importance of setting boundaries early on as a friendship is building.

10. Artist/Band: Les Productions Yole Dérose
Song: Nou Gen Fos :
Why It’s Message Is Empowering: Standing tall, no matter what, is the message of this song. The fact that this song has several vocalists sharing the spotlight more than puts weight to the song’s message.

So there you are! Lots of Haitian music tracks that have empowering messages! Is there a song that you know of
(that’s in Creole) that you find particularly empowering? Let me know!

It’s your girl Kreyolicious signing off.

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