US, Core Group reproached by Haitian civil and political leaders

US, Core Group reproached

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (sentinel.ht) – The United States, which leads a faction of diplomats in Haiti calling themselves the Core Group, were reproached by leaders of civil society organizations and political parties in the country for their support of a totalitarian regime and a fraud-ridden electoral process.

In a note signed by said leaders, the diplomats and the nations and organizations they represent were firmly called out for being “systematically engaged, for decades, in deterring the national process to realize the aspirations expressed by the people of Haiti after the fall of the Duvalier dictatorship.”

By the Group of Civil Societies and Political Parties

Demanding the Cancellation of Elections and Prosecution of Fraud

The international community in Haiti, dominated by the Core Group – which brings together Brazil, Canada, Spain, the United States of America, France, United Nations Mission in Haiti, the Organization of American States (OAS) and the European Union – has been systematically engaged, for decades, in deterring the national process to realize the aspirations expressed by the people since the fall of the Duvalier dictatorship, to enable the transition that would ensure the dismantling of authoritarian and despotic power structures and the construction of a democratic state.

In particular, the relative positioning of the current electoral process reflects the utter contempt in which the international community keeps Haiti. Despite the stubborn facts that prove the inconsistent and fraudulent polls of August 9 and October 25, 2015, the international community insists, is pushing for, this flawed process to inexorably take its course, to the detriment of national dignity and democratic principles, to the ends of imposing electoral results that on all points of order are illegitimate. In its arrogance, the international community believes that its conglomerate status of great powers, donors, confers upon it all the rights in Haiti; including the one to decide who should be the state’s leaders.

By systematically and openly engaging in the internal affairs of the country, strengthening the current government in office in its excesses and justifying their electoral shenanigans that, in any case, would be unacceptable in their countries, the international community continually feeds the repeated crises that have sacked the country. It prevents the Haitian people from achieving their own path for the establishment of a sovereign, democratic, country guided by their collective interests.

Civil societies and political parties, which have come together to require the cancellation of the elections and judicial proceedings against those responsible for mismanagement, consider the deafness and blindness displayed by the Core Group as an expression of the will to impose its political choices in Haiti, to keep it under an occupation that dare not speak its name, in order to safeguard the interests that are in perfect contrast with the desires of the Haitian people. At each new stage, the Core Group says it is committed to correcting the “mistakes” of the previous phase, as if those mistakes had no impact on the elections, those elected and especially on the lives of Haitians.

It, the international community, has used a mercantile logic to justify its behavior by claiming of the expenses it has incurred. Nothing could be lighter.

• Elections disputed or fraudulent in any way can not guarantee the legitimacy stability and governability of Haiti. Therefore they will have a negative impact on economic and political governance. As witness, the meager average growth rate of 1.5% in our country between 2000 and 2014.

• They, the international community, undermine the so-called elected turning them into easy prey in the hands of national and international actors.

The citizens mobilized to the refusal of the unacceptable, do not intend to bow to the dictates of the Core Group and will continue to fight for the advent of a sovereign Haiti, supportive and respectful of rights and freedoms.

Signatories: Marie Frantz Joachim, S. Edmonde BEAUZILE Pierre BUTEAU Freud Jean, Jean Baptiste BIEN-AIME, Jean William JEANTY, Junot FELIX, Wesner POLYCARPE, Jean Henold BUTEAU, Yolette Andrée JEANTY

Port-au-Prince, January 15, 2016

For authentication

Marie-Frantz Joachim

General Coordinator of the SOFA

John William JEANTY

General Coordinator of the party Kontra Pèp

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