Port-au-Prince to Host Haiti Tech Summit Largest Tech Event Ever On The Island This Tuesday and Wednesday

Haiti Tech Summit 2017
The capital city of Port-au-Prince will be a techies haven on June 6-7! The Haiti Tech Summit, founded by Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree Christine Souffrant-Ntim, will include more than one-hundred speakers, including actress Vicky Jeudy, venture capitalist Ben Horowitz, Google Accelerator founder Roy Glassberg, uber-developer Matt Terrell of Facebook. The two-day event is being billed as Haiti’s largest techie event ever, and it’s not hype!

Haiti’s techies will not be left out of the event, thank you very much! Christian Roy Frombrun, a tech and marketing strategist is among the keynote participants, as are Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Ralph Dupoux, photographer and techie Samuel Dameus, Davidson Toussaint of Haiti Tourism Inc, Cleve Mesidor, Michael Verch, and radio host and multimedia personality Carel Pedre. Michele Duvivier Pierre-Louis, a former official as well as Haiti’s current president Jovenel Moise are among the keynote speakers.

Many Haitian-Americans are also on board for the event, including Regine Vital, Guelma Emile Allen, Nancy Douyon, Guerlince Semerzier, Caroline Racine, Marc-Alain Boucicault, L’Union Suite founder Wanda Tima-Gilles, Gilles Sassine, Dori Alexandre, Sandra Florvella-Pierre of Haitian Businesses, LLC; Daphnee Charles of COCREAD, and many many more.

You need more names? Your wish is my command…Naisha Silva of Google, Angie Carrillo, Kairos CEO Ryan Brackeen, Elisa Page, founder of BlogHer, Adi Abili, entrepreneur/inventor Ryan Foland, Laura Pincus Hartman, the founder of Ecole de Choix, the multi-lingual school in Mirebalais, Haiti. And ooh, Black Enterprise’s tech editor Sequoia Blodgett is also be among the speakers, as will be Kyra Kyles of Ebony. And how nice to see that Rhonesha Byng of Her Agenda among those present. Actually am a fan of Her Agenda..

Look, my fingers are getting tired…very tired…so many great minds…so many awesome thinkers…like wow…

So many solid participants, so many speakers from every field imaginable. This isn’t a tech summit…it’s more like a two-day masterclass.
Haiti Tech Summit 2017 in Port-au-Prince

Lawd is all I can say! What a tech show!

And how wonderful that it’s Haiti Tech Summit! This event has so much potential…it gives me vertigo just thinking of what it can grow into.
Haiti Tech Summit 2017 in Port-au-Prince

This is the event’s first year, so can you imagine what organizer Souffrant-Ntim will endure to top herself for the sophomore event!

Haiti Tech Summit! In Port-au-Prince!

To get a more thorough picture of all the participants, go on the Haiti Tech Summit website by CLICKING here.


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