Haiti Kanaval 2016 In Pictures #AyitiToutan #Kanaval2016

Haiti’s Kanaval 2016 was live, ya’ll. Today marks the last day of Kanaval 2016, Haiti’s three day Mardi Gras celebration. Rio de Janeiro does one. New Orleans has one too. But Haiti…Haiti…Let’s look at how it went down.

Well firstly, the first day of the carnival was canceled. According to a press release that was disseminated on social media, this was due to concerns about physical safety of attendees. The show resumed on the second and third day, and according to a tweet released by Haiti’s National Police Force, it was without any major incidents. Shall we look at some photos?

Haiti Carnival 2016
Wow, look! Look at this warrior with his torso ready for war! And what colorful ammunition he holds in his hands. [Photo Credit: Radio Tele Nationale D’Haiti]

Haiti Kanaval 2016 [Photo Credit: Radio Tele Nationale D’Haiti]

No street parade is complete without a queen—let alone a carnival.

Haiti kanaval
A few more empresses, dazzling the eyes with their stupendous costumes. [Photo Credit: Ministere Tourisme]

Kanaval 2016 Ooh, wow, it’s family time. Time for joy and for laughs. [Photo Credit: Kanaval Nasyonal]

Kanaval 2016

Speaking of family, it was all about the kiddies as members of the group Carimi, donning yellow and green, had loads and loads of karnival fun with the youngsters.

Kanaval 2016
Pied pipers…only with drums…should they be called pied drummers? [Photo Credit: Radio Tele Nationale D’Haiti]

Kanaval 2016

And closing it off with this fireater photo taken by photographer Jumenes Coreus, and taken in Jacmel….[Photo Credit: Dezobri]

This is how Haiti Kanaval 2016 went!

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