How Haitian Colonial Novel Counts of the Majestic Came About

Counts of the Majestic Gesulla Kavanaugh colonial Haiti novel
Dr. Gesulla Kavanaugh ignored self-doubt and wrote Counts of the Majestic , a work of fiction about 1800s Haiti. She chose to self-publish her novel through Amazon’s Create Space platform and has never looked back. Like many other-entrepreneurs, she opted to launch and market the book through her own means. But what’s next for her? Here she is discussing her next moves!

Kreyolicious:​ ​After laboring so much on your book and making it a reality, did you celebrate?
My celebration included my family and gathering a few speakers, poets, and university professors to be part of a book gathering. At that time my dad was severely ill and did not get a chance to see my book through or be part of it; but my mom was definitely proud; therefore we celebrated with pride.

Kreyolicious: Do you already have a book cooked up?
I have too many cooked up but for now they are on the back burner, only because I have so many immediate projects to attend to.

Kreyolicious: Do you go to Haiti often?
Unfortunately, I do not go to Haiti very often but that should change in the near future.

Kreyolicious: And if you were to write another historical novel with Haiti as a setting, would you consider visiting as part of your research?
One of the areas of Haiti that has been winking at me is Jacmel. I have never been there, but ever since I was little I’ve heard great stories of Jacmel and that would be my area to visit for my next story of Haiti.

Kreyolicious: ​​​A lot of changes seem to be happening in literature. New voices. New narratives. Your thoughts?
Changes are beautiful, whether abrupt or smooth and planned. Sometimes they affect other authors’ voices, but more often than not, they represent what is currently going on in our society. They are a painting of our thoughts, ideas, and what we would like to see. So, I admire new voices and new ways of writings. They are to pave the way to a future we so often want to embrace.

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