Sauveur Pierre Etienne, program and promises:

Sauveur Pierre Etienne

The program of Sauveur Pierre Etienne presidential candidate under the banner of the Organization of People in Struggle (OPL) is to focus on safety, education and work.

  1. He promises if he is elected, he will create a Security Council under the President of the Republic acting on health and road safety; a national Commission for overhaul of the Haitian education system and a national agency promoting employment and competence.
  2. He promises to ensure a secure environment, to adopt a legal framework to solve the problem of land registry and create the necessary infrastructure to facilitate investment in the country.
  3. Reform in the energy sector in Haiti is necessary. If elected he will put priority on hydroelectric power, because according to him the hydroelectric dams help solve simultaneously that of the irrigation of arable land.
  4. His government will have economic and social development policy wllowing to guide national investment towards growth sectors, including agriculture, where hundreds of thousands of jobs can be created by investing heavily in this sector, which according to him will solve the problem of the exodus to Dominican Republic.
  5. The OPL candidate also undertakes to carry out among other things a fight against corruption and conduct a tax reform making it possible to increase from 12 to 80% the money collected for state coffers.
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