An Interview With The Entrepreneur Behind Haitian Beauties LLC, Part II

Haitian Beauties LLC Bianca Don
Bianca Don launched Haitian Beauties LLC with dual missions: showing the beauty of Haiti, the country and displaying the beauty of young women of Haitian descent. The entrepreneur created the popular meme Haitian Girls R Made Of Sugar Spice & Brown Rice, as well as the hashtag #HaitianWivesMatter. She also sells heritage merchandise under the Haitian Beauties LLC banner.

Kreyolicious: What has helped you grow as a business woman?
Bianca Don/Haitian Beauties: Trial and Error.

Kreyolicious: You have a collection of cultural merchandise.
Bianca Don/Haitian Beauties: Yes on HaitianBeauties.Org I try to take traditional Haitian items or phrases and just make them more urban for the culure. The Pilon dad hat is really popular right now, but I have so much more up my sleeve that I cant wait to share with you all.

Kreyolicious: Gratitude brings more blessings. What are you most grateful for?
Bianca Don/Haitian Beauties: I’m grateful for my family, my fiancé, good health, having a good head on my shoulders. I’m grateful for all the customers who choose to shop with Haitian Beauties it’s so important to support Haitian Businesses, I’m also very grateful for the strong social media following on @HaitianBeauties on Twitter and the Haitian Beauties brand on IG is receiving.

Kreyolicious: How have your parents reacted to your entrepreneurship venture?
Bianca Don/Haitian Beauties: My mom used to be one of those Haitian parents who wanted me to be a doctor or a nurse sooo bad, but I explained to her that If I run to be a doctor (something that I have no passion for) that I am limiting myself from being a CEO or a millionaire because I’ll spend so much time in school then when I graduate and become a doctor I’ll spend so much time at work. When will I have time to try and be the best at something that I enjoy doing? “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you’ll work until you die.” Now, she supports me and brags to her friends about my accomplishments and how my sales are growing.

Kreyolicious: Obstacles can derail us at times. What have you had to overcome in your journey as CEO of Haitian Beauties LLC?
Bianca Don/Haitian Beauties: The biggest obstacle I faced was the financial part of starting a business. You have to basically invest in yourself and hope that your business is good enough to return the profit you put out.Haitian Beauties LLC hat

Kreyolicious: You ever been to Haiti?
Bianca Don/Haitian Beauties: Yes, Its funny but I didn’t know Haiti had mountains until I got there…which was crazy to me. I’m like, “Uh-oh mom. Why you didn’t tell me Haiti was poppin’ like this. But unfortunately Haiti is still recovering from the earthquake that happened in nearly a decade ago which pisses me off like where’d all that donation money go? There’s so many people still living in tents because their homes had been knocked down, but Haiti is such a beautiful land with beautiful people. I always say it’s up to us Haitians in America to help make Haiti great again.

Kreyolicious: In what direction do you hope to take your brand?
Bianca Don/Haitian Beauties: My ultimate ending goal is to give back to Haiti and help make Haiti great again.

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