Jason Pierre-Paul: 5 Greatest Moments For The Year 2015

If there is one person whose year exemplified the term “turn around” this year, it was Jason Pierre-Paul. In July of this year, the star athlete was in Florida visiting his family and taking part in Fourth of July festivities when he suffered a burn to his finger. Ridicule was rampant. How could someone who was on the brink of renewing a multi-million dollar contract be so careless, some asked? But this is a man who has been the man in his family since he was in his mid-teens due to his father’s blindness. As his family’s breadwinner, he probably had to work on the Fourth of July as a kid, and here he is, a New York Giants millionaire as an adult…he has the right to frolic around a little. The accident was unfortunate, but JPP, Mr. New York Giants, Mr.#90 came back hard.

1. Making his first public appearance after the Fourth of July fireworks burn incident
Like a true warrior, Jason Pierre-Paul took to the streets of New York, knowing very well that paparazzi would be lurking about, awaiting a photo opp. Guess he figured, they could capture “first-look” photos of his hand, but they wouldn’t be able to take away the victory he was about to claim.
Jason Pierre-Paul fieworks incident

2. Working out after the burn incident, and preparing for his comeback.
While many wondered if there would be a “comeback”, JPP was shrugging off their incredulity, and tuning his body for the return back to the field.
Jason Pierre-Paul workout

3. Strutting his skills at the Tampa Buccaneers vs. New York Giants game in Tampa in November

Jason Pierre-Paul
Photo Credit: P. McBride

Hand still in a cast, JPP played it on the field like it was pre-July 2015.

Jason Pierre-Paul 2015

Here he is warming up at the James Raymond Stadium in Tampa prior to the game with the Buccaneers. [Photo Credit: M. Ehrman]

4. Signing his renewal contract with the Giants
He that laughs last laughs best, and he that laughs last, while his hand signs a multi-million dollar contract laughs best of all.

5. Pondering on life and doing serious self-reflection.
There’s not a photo to convey this “greatest moment” of Jason Pierre-Paul’s year. It isn’t like paparazzi has access to his soul. We can be sure that during this moment, JPP had a series of epiphanies about life, fame and success. Some athletes have that moment in mid-life. JPP had it while he’s still in his twenties. One minute the whole world is kissing your toes, the next nanosecond, people are going at you as if you had murdered another being, when all that occurred was your committing a careless mistake.

You can wager that JPP has learned that there is life after football, and a whole other world during it.

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Cutiega: Her 5 Greatest Moments For The Year 2015

Rose-Gaelle “Cutiega” Pierre is the founder and creator of the line G’s Addiction. Let’s examine the moments that made her 2015 so spectacular.

1. Graduating from the prestigious Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale.
G's Addiction Cutiega

Newspaper reports and studies report regularly on how the educational landscape is changing right under our eyelids. But a degree is a degree. It shows dedication, and perseverance—two characteristics that the G’s Addiction creator definitely has. It isn’t easy to complete the coursework for a degree while being a full-time designer, so hats off to Cutiega for earing her Bachelor of Arts degree. [Photo Credit: Frederick Alexis]

2. Introducing her line in Haiti through Mikahya, a clothing store in Petionville.

G's Addiction
There’s nothing like having a store in the mother-island carry pieces from your line.

3. Creating custom designs for the band Akoustik.
Cutiega G's Addiction
An astute entrepreneur knows to explore all avenues available to her. Cutiega saw an opportunity to expand her line by creating wear for this band.

4. Adding new designs to the G’s Addiction T-shirts.

Cutiega G's Addiction fashion line
As a fashion entrepreneur, you have to offer your clients variety. And Cutiega did just that with these pieces.

5. Creating additional pieces for the G’s Addiction accessories line.
Cutiega G's Addiction Pierre

What will the next year hold for Cutiega and G’s Addiction. Be sure to follow the designer on Instagram, and follow her artistic journey.


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