Party Leader Assassinated after Presidential Election Results

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti ( – Moments following the release of election results on Thursday a senior director of Pitit Dessalines, Maxo Gaspard, was shot a block from his party headquarters on Delmas 33 as a protest was about to begin.

Presidential Candidate Jean-Charles Moïse was live with Zenith FM at about 5:30 pm, November 5th, 2015 when he was interrupted by a commotion and a party member who told him they shot Ti Maxo.
Accounts of the murder are that Pitit Dessalines supporters were rounding up to rally after the release of the October 25, 2015 presidential election results. They say Maxo wasn’t yet participating in the rally and had no signs in his hands at the time. He was walking hand-in-hand with his girlfriend across the street.
A witness alleged that Maxo was shot by agents of BOID in civil clothing. Several, according to news reports, have told journalists that they recognize the shooters as police officers from BOID.
The allegations prompted the director general of the paramilitary force to immediately call the radio stations and deny the assertions.

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