Rapper, spoken-word artist and activist Mecca AKA Grimo had a spectacular year. His best moment was no doubt participating in the Millennials Project/Dade Men domestic violence prevention panel in October. Let’s go over his other top moments that highlighted the year 2015 for him.

1. Mecca being honored by Konbit Kreyol.
Mecca Aka Grimo
The community leader’s contribution to the Haitian community has not gone unnoticed. Florida Atlantic University’s Haitian cultural club Konbit Kreyol honored him with a plaque.

2. Mecca was a featured in a Revolt TV documentary.
Mecca aka Grimo
Coming Home Haiti chronicled Creole-language hip-hop.

3. The launch of Lunion Fait La Force tee-shirt line.
Mecca aka Grimo photos

4. Mecca AKA Grimo at Art Basel

Art Basel is one of Miami’s most looked-forward-to artistic events. Mecca AKA Grimo was there.


Here he is posing with actor Jimmy Jean-Louis. The Bearded Ones…

5. Mecca’s appearance at the 8th anniversary of the Savannah monument in Savannah, Georgia.

Mecca aka Grimo photo

He was also present at the Haitian Heritage Festival in St. Augustine, Florida.

Mecca aka Grimo pic

Here is the artist posing with a family member in front of a monument dedicated to Georges Biassou, a historical figure who took part in Haiti’s revolution and went on to play a key part in the early history of the city of St. Augustine.

If there’s a Haitian cultural event, it’s a safe wager that Mecca will be there.

What will next year be like for Mecca? Be sure to keep up with the artist on his Instagram!

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