Kreyolicious Diary: Why You Should Keep A Creative Journal

Creative Journals
Guess what I do when I first wake up? Most of the times, I take my sweet time getting out of my bed, or if I do get up…the first thing that I do is either reach for my phone or a book to read…or…an old journal.

I feel this attachment to books, writing and journals. But I guess I don’t have to tell you that. You probably can tell. I get this mental stimulus of sorts when I read some of my old creative journals. Like, today, I woke up and grabbed this one where I had entries from two years ago. I have notes on my screenplays, ideas for articles on the website, and just overall observations about my creative process. They’re truly a joy to read.

Don’t like to write? Get something pretty to inspire you to get the words out. Just for fun (because I’m just that type of person), I got on Etsy to peruse some designs.

See that one up at the right? It’s from MisterScribbles

I like the fact that it says “Creative” on it, right off the bat. I think that in itself can inspire you.

Creative Journaling

And look at this one…it looks like it was made for me. It’s from ShabbyVintageCouture.

So, I am telling you, oh kreyolicious cheries, that if you haven’t already done so…create a creative journal of your own. You ought to buy a composition notebook from a retail store or somewhere. Or get one from a craft store…or perhaps Etsy. Just get one. Maybe you want to make your own, using construction or craft paper. Just get one! Do it for emotional release, creative exhaling…Er…by that last phrase…what I mean is that…well have you ever felt like you were ready to burst…because too many ideas were coming at you all at once? No? Well, think harder, because I don’t want to be the only one who sees the need to do creative exhalation—if that’s even a word.

From reading that journal that morning, I felt this renewed sense of energy. There are so many ideas that I have been thinking of lately that I see I have had for a while. And there are some ideas that I read in the journal that never went past the idea phase, and I can understand why. Even those instances are good to read because they give me so much insight on how ideas are born, and how only the best ones manage to survive.

Will you be starting a creative journal anytime soon? I encourage you to do so!

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