Interview: The Haitian American Food Vlogger Behind Love For Haitian Food, Part II

Haitian food vlogger
Haitian American food vlogger Manie Chery is the woman behind the Love for Haitian Food website and vlog. Haitian cooking is pretty laborious, but to also have a vlog about Haitian cooking! Well, that’s a pretty huge load. But Manie Chery is up for the challenge and more. Here she is discussing the challenges that she ran across as she tried to launch the blog, and her plans for its future.

Kreyolicious: It’s one thing to start a vlog, but keeping it going is another matter. What are some challenges you’ve had, and how did you bypass and solve them?
Challenges that I’ve faced with keeping my vlogs going is basically being a one-woman team. I write the recipes, cook, film, edit, create the blog posts, photograph the pictures etc, etc. It gets hard doing it all by myself, but I wouldn’t quit, even if I take long breaks in between posting I would never quit cause I realize that it helps a lot of people. To solve those issues it takes a lot planning and giving myself the needed time to get things done. I struggle with that but I am definitely a work in progress.
Haitian American food blogger

Kreyolicious: What are some of the best things that have happened to you since you started your food vlog?
Some of the best things that have happened to me since starting my vlog is first learning how to cook Haitian food, that is a skill/gift that I’m proud to say I finally have, and I’m still learning. I’ve been contacted by a publisher who inquired about me writing a cookbook. Also, the love that I receive from all over the world is great and seriously makes me so happy and gives me the necessary push to move forward. Another thing that has happened is getting interviewed by awesome people like you which helps me to be more visible on the internet, I appreciate that a lot!
Haitian food vlogger I Love Haitian Food

Kreyolicious: You’re so gracious…Where do you see yourself and your blog three years from the date of this interview?
Three years from now, my cookbook is still doing very well. I’m working on it. I see my blog having very heavy traffic from visitors all over the world. I am one of the first people that comes to mind when someone is looking for a recipe. Life is great and will continue to be so! I like to speak things into existence.

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