Improprieties of UN’s Sandra Honore condemned by Haitian-A. org

Michel Martelly, Sandra Honore

Warm photo of President Michel Martelly (L) and Sandra Honore (C), UN Special Representative of the Secretary General in Haiti at a party at the National Palace, a week after the fall of the Haitian Parliament. January 19, 2015. [Hector Retamal/AFP/Getty Images]

MIAMI, USA ( – A Haitian-American and Diaspora organization released a note condemning what it called la dérive proconsulaire of the United Nations Special Representative of the Secretary General, Sandra Honoré.

The Citizen Alliance press note referred to diplomats in Haiti within a sect calling itself the Core Group. The AC gave the group notice of their obligations to the Vienna Convention dealing with diplomatic relations between states, and were given notice of their responsibility for any harm that may befall Haitian citizens and their country due to their interventions.


Citizen Alliance
Press Note
November 15, 2015

Countries and diplomats referring to themselves as the Core Group in Haiti
Brazil Jose Luis Machado E. Costa
Canada Paula Caldwell St-Onge
European Union Javier Niño
France Elisabeth Beton Delègue
Spain Manuel Lorenzo García-Ormaechea
UN-Haiti Sandra Honoré
United States Peter F. Mulrean

The Citizens Alliance (AC) condemns the improprieties of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Sandra Honoré in the internal affairs of Haiti and also calls for some restraint on the part of representatives of the International Community within the Core Group that signed the joint statement of November 6, 2015 on the results of the October 25 elections.

Untimely interventions by representatives of the international community in the internal affairs of the country become increasingly disturbing and place them in undesirable situations, especially since some of them are suspected of direct involvement in massive fraud negating the returns of October 25th.

On behalf of the Vienna Convention dealing with diplomatic relations between States, the Citizen Alliance asks the Core Group to explain its press release urging the Martelly/Paul regime to punish all those who protest or argue against their public opposition against the established order. The Core Group will be held responsible for any new situation of chaos or upheaval that could occur in the country.

It is inconceivable that the Core Group says it is promoting democracy but continues to encourage the savagery of some units of the National Police, BOID, which systematically violates human rights and vagrancy, theft, corruption and crime policy in Haiti .

Haiti is neither a conquered territory, nor governed by any country seen in the Core Group that through its extremist positions are impeding the long march of the Haitian people in their quest for democracy and social justice. The population has already rejected all forms of slavery and colonization, proclaiming its independence in 1804 and becoming the first sovereign black people of the New World.

By suggesting, “urging” the Haitian authorities “to arrest and judge” those who protest against the rigged results of the fraudulent presidential election of October 25 that was instigated by the Electoral Council that is subservient to the powers that be, the Core Group only takes a position in favor of a foul regime led by an apprentice dictator in the person of Michel Martelly who looks to impose on the people an illustrious unknown, with no political past, as his heir to the Supreme Judiciary of the State.

The Core Group’s position is a declaration of war on the Haitian people. It is part of a vast conspiracy against human rights, democracy and the people of Haiti that demand respect for their vote. This is a racist and bigoted position on the part of the Core Group, countries that violate the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Citizen which Haiti is a signatory, and the Haitian Constitution of 1987.

By remaining silent on results that do not reflect the reality of the polls, the Core Group missed the opportunity to express their active solidarity with the Haitian people, the main victim of the forfeitures of August 9 and October 25, 2015. Also, it missed the opportunity to shut up, because its intervention, far from helping, to appeasement, preferably tends to exacerbate the anger of a population ravaged by more than four years of mismanagement characterized by impunity, corruption and bad governance.

The Citizen Alliance believes the extremely dangerous behavior Core Group, which by its partisan position, awarding a bonus to human rights violations, including police brutality within the National Police where there is a real political militia in the pay of executive government, is guilty.

It is noted that since the publication of the results of the fraudulent elections of October 25, 2015 and the position taken by the Core Group, the national police backed by the government has launched a blind systematic campaign of repression of all street demonstrations consistently denouncing them as unacceptable. The interference of this segment of the international community in the internal affairs of the country is likely to endanger political stability, social peace and the democratic future of the country.

There is no room for dictatorship in Haiti. As in any democratic society, people have the right to choose their legitimate leaders through free and inclusive elections without interference of any foreign country. Moreover, the right to self-determination is enshrined in resolution 1514 of the United Nations.

The Citizen Alliance works to defend the interests of Haitians inside and outside, urges the forces of the nation to work together to avoid restoring a dictatorial regime in Haiti. The Citizens Alliance invites citizens to spare no effort to defend their rights and interests of the country by all legal means whatever the cost.

The Citizen Alliance requires the Haitian government for the unconditional release of all prisoners of conscience imprisoned for the past seventy-two (72) for their political views and positions in the context of street demonstrations. Freedom of expression, association, assembly and demonstration is guaranteed by the Basic Charter. This freedom was won at the cost of great sacrifices.

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