How Sarodj Bertin Is Leveraging Her Fame To Expand Her Brand

How Former Miss Haiti  Sarodj Bertin Is Leveraging Her Fame
Former Miss Haiti Sarodj Bertin continues to expand her brand! Sometimes pageant queens duck the spotlight or drop out of the limelight altogether a few years after their wins. Not Sarodj. The one-time pageant queen/philanthropist has been getting endorsements left and right, especially in her adopted home The Dominican Republic. In the above photo, for instance, she’s seen in a post promoting a bus line that travels from Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

With more than half-a-million followers on Instagram, and more than 100,000 on Facebook, she’s a solid digital influencer. Sarodj has mentioned in past interviews that she divides her time between Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Firms in the DR can count on her fame as a beauty queen as well as her reputation as an attorney and entrepreneur there to promote their products. And as an attorney for the business sector, Miss Bertin knows a thing or two about partnerships, branding, brand expansion and forming lucrative collaborations.

Former Miss Haiti Sarodj Bertin Leveraging Her Fame to expand her brand
Here she is promoting Energy Systems RD, an electronics retail store in Santo Domingo.

Dominican Republic-based companies that are keen to social media view her as the ultimate spokesperson for their brands. Palazzo Republica Dominicana is one example. Below, the former Miss Haiti poses in the company’s retail store.
Sarodj Bertin Former Miss Haiti
[Photo Credit: Harold Rivas Photography!]

But the brands she sponsors aren’t limited to firms located in the DR.

Former Miss Haiti Sarodj Bertin
Sportswear company Lights Out collaborated with her. Here she is wearing some of their gym gear.

The one-time beauty queen mainly aligns herself mostly with beauty and lifestyle brands, and promotes organically rather than in an aggressive and ostentatious manner, which is probably why there’s no outrage of any sort from her fans about the commercialism. If she’s not feeling a product, and wouldn’t normally use it, she doesn’t endorse it.

Sarodj Bertin is quite the business woman. It will be interesting to see what she does next.

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