Getting Married and Planning a Wedding in Haiti: Everything You Need to Know

Are you engaged? And you’ve never been to Haiti? Or the last time you went to Haiti, your parents had to hold your hand, and give you toys so you wouldn’t get airplane anxiety? Well, things have changed. You’re grown up, and you’re looking for a venue to hold your ceremony. Why not have your wedding in Haiti? A destination wedding! It could be the chance for all your relatives to visit Haiti, as well as your opportunity to revisit Haiti and have your special day. Getting married in Haiti! Wouldn’t that be grand?
Haitian Destination Wedding Getting Married in Haiti Konfetti Decor Wedding
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Follow along as I interview Angie of Konfetti Decor, a Wedding Planner and Event Consultant based in Port-au-Prince.

Kreyolicious: Do you plan a lot of beach weddings?
Most of our weddings for have been beach weddings. Haiti has beautiful beaches and people love the vibe and scenery there especially between the months of April and August. December weddings are classier, fancier.
Haitian Wedding Getting Married in Haiti
Above: An elegant Haitian cake at a wedding held in Port-au-Prince and planned by Konfetti Decor…Rustic setting and all.

Kreyolicious: What are some of the best places in Haiti to have an indoor or outdoor wedding?
Best places for me aren’t about the beauty of the space only but also about the trained staff on site capable of setting up and making decisions. Team Work is extremely important to a successful event. I can cite many but among the best I have to mention the order in which I state them should not be taken into consideration Club Indigo, La Reserve, Ritz Kinam, Ibolele, Wahoo Bay Beach.

Haiti Destination Wedding Getting Married in Haiti Haitian Wedding
The staff of Konfetti Decor at a bridal show in Port-au-Prince.

Kreyolicious: Can you please give examples of what some brides and grooms asked for that were extraordinary that Konfetti Décor delivered on?
A bride getting married to a French man wanted to bring Paris to Haiti and we had to do the Eiffel Tour for the couple. A miniature Eiffel Tour yet big enough for them to stand under. This challenge was a great achievement. Another mixed couple, with one from Spain had requested a dance show, with the traditional Flamenco dancers. But you have to understand that in weddings something that is not planned that comes unexpectedly is sometimes the extraordinary that needs to be done or solved right away to save the day. Such as finding a priest one hour before the wedding because the actual priest got into an accident, or sewing the maid of honor’s dress ten minutes before the wedding because it ripped, or cleaning the bride’s dress that’s got make-up liquid foundation that fell on it. These unexpected crisis are the most extraordinary because without them being resolved there would be no wedding, and we had no preparation for them.
Getting Married in Haiti Haiti Destination Wedding

Kreyolicious: Do you have any advice for brides wanting to have a wedding in Haiti?
Brides living in Haiti: meet with all your vendors, do not expect everything to work out properly if you communicate via emails or phone. Hire a coordinator at least for the wedding day to make sure everything is taken care of. Plan your wedding at least six months in advance and do not procrastinate.

Brides living in the States: come to Haiti a week or two before your wedding day. Do not count on [your contacts in Haiti] to handle the vendors and negotiate for you. It is best if you hire a planner who will professionally handle every detail as you wish by providing the right suggestions, paperwork, visuals and such. Planning your wedding six months in advance is a fair time frame, but communicate as much as possible with your planner via Skype, telephone, FaceTime. You will only [grasp] how many details and emotions are involved once you get into it.

Haitian Wedding Getting Married in Haiti Konfetti Decor Angie M. Joseph
[Photo Credit: HR Marsan Weddings]

Konfetti Decor is based in Port-au-Prince and can be reached at (509) 3783/3803 or (509) 34703333. CLICK HERE to visit the firm’s website.

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