Did you know? The Haitian Guerrillas Who Fought in The Cuban Revolution Alongside Fidel Castro And Che Guevarra.

The Haitian Guerrillas Who Fought in The Cuban Revolution Alongside Fidel Castro And Che Guevarra.

Author Bernard Sansaricq writer of the book Le Pouvoir de La Foi, reviews that no less than two troopers who battled nearby Cubans were from Haiti. 


One of them was Adrien Sansaricq, the creator's first cousin. "Dr. Adrien Sansaricq was a buddy of [ernesto] Che Guevara amid the early 60s in the Africa," Mr. Sansaricq tells Kreyolicious.com. "Adrien about-faced to Cuba amid the mid-sixties and acted as a specialist in huge numbers of the free centers the Cuban Revolution had constructed for the populace of Cuba." 

Bernard Sansaricq needs others to think about men like Sansaricq. 

As indicated by the writer's book, Dr. Adrien Sansaricq got a decoration of honor from the Cuban Army and was made Chief of the Medical Corps, for his work in Cuban centers. "Some of those facilities still bear his name," says Bernard Sansaricq. "In 1968-69, he [dr. Adrien Sansaricq] was some piece of the gathering that penetrated Haiti with Joel Liautaud, Daniel Sansaricq, Gerald Brisson and so forth… and Adrien was slaughtered in Boutilliers battling the oppressive strengths of François Duvalier. Daniel Sansaricq was executed with Gerald Brisson and others at Ruelle Nazon in 1969 and Joel Liautaud was killed at Fort Dimanche. I am composing my second book that will contain a great deal of data on the subject and photographs never seen previously." 

Bernard Sansaricq tells Kreyolicious.com, that other than his cousin, an alternate man—Reginald Jourdan—made his imprint in Cuba amid that period. The creator says that Jourdan turned into a decent companion of his while they were both in New York in 1963. "The man was amazingly overcome and a radical," Sansaricq recollects. 

Bernard Sansaricq further explains on the guerrilla warrior: "Reginald Jourdan was a first cousin to Hector Riobe—who passed on battling in Kenscoff in 1963. He [jourdan] battled [alongside] Fidel Castro in the Sierra Maestra in 1957-1958. Reginald [also] battled nearby Che Guevara at Santa Clara." 

Reginald Jourdan, clarifies Sansaricq in his book, wound up as a part of Jeune Haiti, a gathering of youthful Haitian understudies from the United States, who made an endeavor to attack Haiti in 1964, and were in this manner adjusted off one by one, and executed.

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