Did you know? President Cincinnatus Leconte was a founding member of Le Chemin de Fer du Nord

Haiti's future president Cincinnatus Leconte was an establishing part of Le Chemin de Fer du Nord, a railroad organization that dispatched in Cap Haitien in 1899. 

Pean affirms that business visionary Nemours Auguste had a go at something comparable a couple of years prior, supported by French financial speculators. Be that as it may men like Antenor Firmin had restricted Haiti's support, calling attention to that $175,000 for every kilometer was fiscally crooked, since comparable activities in different nations in South and Central America had taken a toll less ($39,000 for every kilometer in Bolivia, $60,000 for every kilometer in Brazil, $50,000 for every kilometer in Brazil). The business people as an exchange called attention to that Haiti's scene with its mountains, slopes, would need shafts to encourage the railroads, and the expense couldn't be contrasted with those nations. Auguste inevitably sold his startup to Eusebe and organization. 

By the early 1900s, notwithstanding, Pean reports that the fantasy of the money related syndicate had turned into a reality, with this train plan: 

6 a.m. furthermore 2 p.m. Top Haitien 

8:30 a.m. furthermore 4 p.m. Lacombe

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