Did you know? Hyppolite built Haiti’s famed iron market

b2ap3_thumbnail_tiresias-simon-sam.jpgPresident Cincinnatus Leconte (above) was an establishing parts of La Ligue Contre le Vaudou, a hostile to Vodou class, established in 1896 in Cap Haitien. [image Credit: Marc Pean's book] 

The League had its own particular daily paper, as indicated by Pean, which made its introduction on the Haiti's daily paper distributed market on March 14, 1896. The previously stated Elie Benjamin utilized his advertising ability to build the paper's dissemination from 1,000 to 5,000 duplicates. Pean battles that La Croix had a few segments, including a normal section entitled "Mefaits du Bocor" [misdeeds of the Vodou Priest]. The group composed councils in significant urban communities of the nation, including Aux Cayes. 

Writing in the book Leaders of Haiti: 1804-2001, student of history Max Manigat brings up that in 1896, notwithstanding his specialist's endeavor at ceasing him, Florvil Hyppolite headed towards Jacmel to squash an insubordination by General Jeannis Merisier. Hyppolite showed some kindness assault and tumbled off his steed, and kicked the bucket. As indicated by Michel S. Laguerre in the book The Military and Society in Haiti (page 56), Merisier had any desires for being the future pioneer of Haiti.

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Did you know? President Cincinnatus Leconte was a ...
Did you know? Cincinnatus Leconte (above) was a fo...

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