Haiti New PetroCaribe FLA...

03 June 2019
Haiti New PetroCaribe FLASH: CSC/CA implicates Jovenel Moise in a case of embezzlement

The CSC/CA notes "The two companies have made the same works separately on the same...

Nothing is certain yet fo...

27 May 2019
Nothing is certain yet for the third government of Lapin

More than three days after the formation of the third government of Jean-Michel Lapin, the...

"Nou bouke", cr...

27 May 2019
"Nou bouke", cries of distress, rage, and anger at insecurity and rape at female students

Used bandana screwed on the head, Pascale Solages collapses in tears before being hugged by...

Continuation of negotiati...

27 May 2019
Continuation of negotiations for ratification

This is an unprecedented situation the head of state has a majority in both houses...

Anse-à-Veau (Ansavo en créole haïtien)

Anse-à-Veau (Ansavo in Haitian Creole) is a port city located in the department of Nippes of Haiti. The town is the capital of the district of Anse-à-Veau.

The town has a population of 31,477 inhabitants1 (census estimate of 2009)
The town of Anse-à-Veau was founded in 1721 and became a municipality in the same year.

The town consists of communal sections:

     Baconnois-Grand-Fond (including the district "Baconnois"), 1st section of the town
     Grande-Rivière-Joly, 2nd section of the town
     O'Rouck Falls-de-Baril (including the area of the "Barrel"), the third section of the town

The local economy is based on the cultivation of coffee, sugar cane, lime, orange and cotton.

     Fabre Geffrard (Anse-à-Veau, 1806 - Kingston, 1878), President of the Republic of Haiti from 1859 to 1867.
     Laurent Casimir, born May 8, 1928 at the Anse-à-Veau and died in 1990, painter.
     Fred Edson Lafortune, born July 31, 1982 in Anse à Veau, POET.

02 October 2014
Haitian Entertainments
Maxwell Singere Maxwell is Puerto Rican & Haitian. His dad is from Vieques, Puerto Rico and his mom is from Haiti....
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20 August 2014
Haitian Entertainments
Pieces of Haiti History you may not know about: The first woman to break the color barrier was Haiti's black entrant Evelyn Miot upon gaining the right to compete for the semis during the 1962 Miss ...
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29 November 2015
Haitian Entertainments
Haitian music
Fans of singer Phyllisia Ross are waiting breathlessly for the release of her music video for “Only for You”. The singer-songwriter-composer has been posting teasing photos on her social media accou...
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03 October 2014
Haitian Entertainments
Meet the Co-Director Born in Port au Prince, Haiti, Rachèle Magloire was raised in Montreal, Quebec where she graduated in Communications in 1987. Since 1995, she directs documentaries within Fanal P...
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